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Warming Sock Treatment for Colds and Flu

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Most parents can’t take a sick day off from their kids. So they just keep going even though they feel horrible. The worst is when the whole family gets something and everyone is sick and miserable! I love a good old fashioned, just like grandma did it, at home treatment. Warming socks are something everyone in the family can do, even babies. Most likely you already have all of the supplies at home!

Warming socks are perfect for congestion and boosting the immune system. Our family uses the treatment for congestion, coughs, flu, and even eye boogers. When you do a warming sock treatment it increases the circulation in the body to heat up your feet. This helps turn on your immune system and helps fight off acute illness. A little added benefit, warming socks also help with mild insomnia! This is great for people who have trouble sleeping when they don’t feel well.

To do a warming sock treatment you need:

Thin cotton socks

Thick wool socks (or footie pajamas)

A warm bath

Cold sink water

A warm bed

You want to start by warming your feet. A nice warm bath for kids or even a heating pad for adults. Get your feet really warm and pink. Take the thin cotton socks and wet them in cold water. Wring them out, they shouldn’t be dripping wet, but they also shouldn’t be dry. Put your warm feet in the cold, wet socks. Put the thick wool socks (or footie pajamas) over top of the wet socks. Go straight to bed! Make sure you’re really warm and your feet are completely covered. When you wake up in the morning your feet should be completely dry and warm like little toasters! Your symptoms should feel a little better too!

I suggest doing warming socks 3 nights in a row for the full benefit. Adding immune boosting herbs or elderberry syrup will really help kick the crud to the curb!

Does your family have any “just like grandma did” home remedies?

Try the warming socks and let me know what you think!

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