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My Story


Hi I'm Amanda the herbalist (and heart and soul) behind Tree Mama Herbals. I am a herbalist, mother, wife, and nurse. I am a postpartum advocate and a self proclaimed crunchy mom. I passionate about natural and organic health and healing. But my super power is bridging the gap between science and woo, medical and crunchy, facts and feeling. 

I started this company in 2015, shortly after my first son was born. My first ever herbal product was Milk Mama Organic Tea. I wanted to boost my milk supply and continue breastfeeding but I wanted the tea to taste delicious and be organic! And Tree Mama Herbals was born and has been growing as we have.

After experiencing postpartum depression and lasting postpartum anxiety I turned to herbs to help myself heal. I felt a big gap in my healthcare between giving birth to my son and learning how to map my new body and emotions. 

Once I dug my way out, I said never me again. And never any other mama I can help. Sharing my herbal knowledge and helping other mamas through this stage is my passion. 


My current certifications are as follows:


Certified Master Herbalist 3600 hours

Licensed Practical Nurse

Certified Reiki I & II Master and Teacher

If you have any questions please contact me, I am more than happy to help. Thank you for visiting Tree Mama Herbals.

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