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Homemade Gummy Recipe

My family and I love gummies. We keep them in the fridge at all times. It can be super hard for me to get protein into my oldest kiddo. We lovingly call him a carbitarean. So gummies have been a total nutrition saver for us! He gets about 4 grams of protein in each gummy when we make them in a tray (and he usually has about 3). Even my husband and the toddler eat them.

When it’s warmer out I add electrolytes to the juice to give us a little hydration boost! Some people add coconut milk or honey if the juice you chose isn’t sweet.

In our experimenting all juices work (except pineapple because of the bromaline breaking down the gelatin). Some juices will give a little different texture. Like grape juice makes a really solid, bouncy gummy. While orange juice and mango juice makes a substantial, chewy gummy. Play around and let your kids be scientists with the different juices!

In the winter we take our elderberry syrup that we make and add the gelatin to turn them into gummies! Those were a hit as Christmas presents for my boys’ friends and families.

So the recipe:

You’ll need:

A glass Pyrex dish. I use a 13x11 one with a lid that you could make lasagna in.

OR silicone gummy molds (also awesome, just more time consuming)

6 cups of juice (you can do less just keep to the ratio)

16 tbsp of bovine gelatin (you can get my favorite here and get 10% off with code TREEMAMAHERBALS)

A sauce pan

A spoon

  1. You’ll start with the cold juice in the pan and sprinkle your gelatin over the top, trying to cover the whole surface.

  2. Let the gelatin sit for about 10 minutes to let it bloom. Blooming is basically allowing the gelatin to become hydrated from powder to… well gummy.

  3. One the gelatin has bloomed move the pan to a burner on the stove over low/medium heat.

  4. Stir and allow the gelatin to completely dissolve. It will go back to a liquid during this step.

  5. Pour it into the dish or molds

  6. Let it cool until theres no steam, then place in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

  7. Once it’s cooled, cut into “cubes” and keep in the refrigerator. We like to eat them within a week and half.

Essentially the golden ratio is 4 tbsp bovine gelatin to 1.5 cups juice.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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