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Postpartum “Balls”

There are a ton of variations of this snack around! You’ll see it called “energy balls” or ”fat balls” or some other name… we just call them “balls” in our house. And yes, we do share a good giggle because of it.

The recipe is pretty loose and you can add whatever you like! The key is the consistency. If it’s sticking to your fingers, add more dry ingredients. If it’s not staying together in ball shapes, add more wet ingredients. And it’s really that simple.

When making these balls it’s the texture that matters. It is going to depend on what kind of “butter” you use on how much of the dry ingredients you’ll need. I’m always adjusting as I make these. Adding more oats, seeds, and cherries until I get it to the texture I like. It will be different every time!

I like to use natural peanut butter so it’s a little more runny and easy to work with. You can sub out any nut or seed butter for peanut butter. You can sub out any dry ingredients too! Use what you have on hand or what sounds yummy to you!



1 1/2 cups of natural peanut butter (so it’s a little more runny)

2 tbsp honey


1 1/2 cup oats

1 cup hemp seeds

1/4 cup dried cherries


Mix all of the ingredients together and shape into balls. Place balls in the fridge and eat within the week or the freezer and eat within 3 months!

These are so great to make ahead of time and freeze! One handed snacks are essential during postpartum. And being able to just grab and eat is such a big deal!

Some additions or substitute ideas:

dried shredded coconut

cacao nibs

dark chocolate chips

dried cranberries

Flax seeds

chia seeds

pumpkin seeds

almond butter

hemp butter

cashew butter

sunflower butter

This recipe is so cheap and easy you can definitely send it to a friend and have them make it for you! I usually just make it with whatever I have on hand.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget, it’s the texture that matters and it depends on what kind of “butter” you use on how much of the dry ingredients you’ll need!

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