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Sessions and Classes

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Postpartum Vitality Sessions

The Postpartum Vitality Sessions are consultations for the postpartum mother (if you've ever had a baby YOU are postpartum), created to fill her cup with care, support, and knowledge. 


I will be there to walk next to you and hold you throughout your postpartum, to support you with a personalized herbal plan, and arm you with knowledge and resources to help you feel whole and vital throughout your journey as a postpartum mother.

Postpartum Planning Session

For the mama that wants to prepare for postpartum and newborn life. This is for first time mamas or for the 6th time mama! Being prepared for postpartum can set you up for time for healing, nourishing your postpartum body, the right practitioners in the wings, and knowledge on normal newborn life.


The Postpartum Community

We're all desperately searching for community, while I can't bring over a pizza, or pick your kid up from school, I made a community of truly rad mamas that meets 3 times a month to learn, share, and be mamas together.

Monthly Classes

A new class every month all about herbs, postpartum, and motherhood.

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