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Postpartum Vitality Sessions

These are consultations for the postpartum mother (if you've ever had a baby YOU are postpartum). Conventional healthcare holds your hand throughout all 10 months of your pregnancy, but once the umbilical cord is cut the focus goes to the baby. You as the mother need to have a full cup.

I created the Postpartum Vitality Sessions to fill the gap in care for the postpartum mother with care, support, and knowledge. Starting simply with care, I will be there to walk next to you and hold you throughout your postpartum. I will support you with a personalized herbal plan uniquely formulated for no other Mama but you. Then I will arm you with knowledge and resources to help you feel whole and vital not just throughout these sessions, but throughout your continued journey as a postpartum mother.


Before these sessions you may be feeling:

  • Depleted or burnt out

  • Emotionally ragged or down

  • Hormonal or imbalanced

  • Exhausted even after a night of sleep

  • Just not quite right since having your baby


If any of these sounded relatable to you, I designed these sessions for YOU. This consultation is designed as natural, at home, personalized wellness to help you come out the other side feeling nourished, vital, and balanced.

What is included in these sessions

The Held Mama
(Base Package)

Nothing base about it, this package is designed to contain all of the herbal personalization and information that Mama needs to fill her cup. This package includes

  • 5 Sessions (detailed below)

  • Personalized herbal plan and formulation

  • Personalized herbs sent directly to you monthly for 4 months 

  • Email support from me (Amanda) throughout the 4 month duration of the sessions.

  • TMH exclusive resources on postpartum, matrescence, and cycle tracking

  • Recommended book lists

  • TMH Nourishment ebook with recipes

Comprehensive Mama Support (Deluxe Package)

Designed for the Mama who wants to leave no stone unturned on her journey to vitality in her postpartum, this package includes absolutely full access to TMH offerings and even more individual support. This package includes everything from The Held Mama package listed above, plus:

  • Weekly personal email check ins with me (Amanda)

  • Text access to me throughout the 4 month duration of the sessions, via Voxer.

  • Access to the entire TMH ebook library

  • Free admission to each monthly TMH workshop throughout the 4 month duration of the sessions 

What to expect from the Postpartum Vitality Sessions

Session 1: Intake
(90 Minutes)

A full review of your health and vitality. Together, we will review all of your body systems, medications or supplements, diet, and lifestyle, and discuss your biggest concerns. I will teach you how to use and provide you with the symptom tracker that will be used throughout the 4 months of these sessions. Everything learned in this session will be used to create your personalized plan and herbs, which will be sent to you after this session.

Session 2: Matrescence 
(30 minutes)

A deep dive into matrescence, what it is, and what it means to you. The transition from pre mama to mama is huge in your life. Matrescence, like adolescence, is a huge identity shift and challenging emotionally and physically. We will check in on how your personalized herbs are working for you so far.

Session 3: Building Community
(45 minutes)

An expansion of your postpartum team. During this session we will normalize postpartum, talk about how to build community, and how to make that “ask”. You will receive resource recommendations. We will check in on how your personalized herbs are working and make updates based on your needs. Your updated personalized herbs will be sent to you after this session.

Session 4: Hormones
(45 minutes)

A review of your hormones since having your baby. This will include how you're feeling in your cycle, how to track your cycle, breastfeeding, blood sugar balance, and resources on hormones.   We will review your updated symptom tracker, discuss changes, and update your personalized herbs based on your evolving needs. Your updated personalized herbs will be sent to you after this session.

Session 5: Growth
(45 minutes)

A deep dive into your progress since the beginning of the sessions and assessment for moving forward after the Postpartum Vitality Sessions. We will talk about how your herbs are feeling for you, and review everything we've gone over in our sessions. This is a great time for any questions that have come up since you have let the new information soak in and begun to apply it to your life. The final shipment of personalized herbs will be sent to you after this session.



Who are the Postpartum Vitality Sessions for?

Postpartum Vitality Sessions are designed to support the postpartum mother (if your baby is 1 day old or 13 years old YOU are postpartum) and take her from feeling burnt out, exhausted, imbalanced, or depleted, to feeling nourished, vital, and balanced.


How long is the consultation?

Postpartum Vitality Sessions is made of 5 sessions over the period of 4 months. Starting with a 90 minute introductory session, followed by 4 more 30-45 minute sessions.


When do I schedule my sessions?

Your first session will be scheduled when you sign up. The remainder of your sessions will be scheduled at the first session - be sure to bring your calendar!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! There is a deposit for both plans. At the first appointment we can talk payment plans.

Don’t see your question here? Reach out with additional questions at I’m happy to help!

We're not meant to do motherhood alone.

I'm Ready.

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