Winter Sunshine is an all organic natural loose leaf tea. This was created for a family member who suffers from anxiety and seasonal affective disorder but does not want to take medication. This tea elevates your mood while melting the stress away. Woody with hints of lavender this tea is all natural and perfect for cold dreary days.


All TMH teas are made in small batches with good energy and love into each batch. All of our teas are made organic, handmade, and cruelty free with you in mind. Using only the best ingredients we aim to give you a functional great tasting tea that will bring a smile to any face! This tea contains St. John's Wort. St. John's Wort interacts with some medicines. Please check with your physician before taking this tea. Caffeine free.


Contains: organic St. John's Wort, organic Lemon Balm, organic Lavender, and good energy

Approximately 1 oz, or 10-12 servings in each bag.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. All information is for educational purposes only. *this product may not be safe for Pregnancy, please check with your healthcare provider before starting an herbal regimen.

Organic Winter Sunshine Herbal Tea