This tea tastes sweet like honey and licorice. It is full of herbal bitters that will aid you in digestion by getting your digestive juices pumping and your gas expelled.


Dandelion root has been traditionally been used to help ease constipation as well as ease congestion in the liver allowing it to make the digestive juices needed! Licorice root has traditionally been used to help speed up digestion and heal tissue through the gut lining. Marshmallow root becomes slippery in the gut and has been used traditionally to help form a coating in the digestive system decreasing inflammation. Anise seed is a carminative herb, meaning it helps gas expel from the body. Traditionally people would chew fennel and anise seeds after dinner to help digestive juices flow and to help release gas. Fennel seeds have been used to help dispel gas and get the digestive juices working. They are a "bitter" without tasting bitter. Chamomile is also a carminative herb allowing the gas bubbles to collect and expel all at once as opposed to leaving you with gas pains for hours.


All TMH teas are made in small batches with good energy and love into each batch. All teas are made organic, handmade, and cruelty free with you in mind. Using only the best ingredients we aim to give you a functional great tasting tea that will bring a smile to any face!


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Organic Better Belly Digestive Herbal Tea