Affiliate Links

If you guys want to support me and my family and you’re curious in some of the products I absolutely love in life here are my affiliate links. You’ll notice these are things I’ve been talking about FOR YEARS and I finally got the gumption to ask them if they would give me a kick back for talking about them. And OMG they said yes. 

Perfect Supplements

I’ve been talking about perfect supplements for a few months. I’ve been taking their whole food vitamin c powder in water along with the desiccated liver pills daily around my normal afternoon slump and have noticed a huge shift in my afternoon energy. I also use their collagen daily in my morning adaptogen drink. I love that this company is third party lab tested, organic, and all beef products are grass fed. I use them so much and sang their praises they offered my community a discount! You can check them out here and use my discount code for 10% off: TREEMAMAHERBALS

Force of Nature

I have been using Force of Nature to clean my home for the past year and when I posted about them recently they offered a discount code and affiliate link! I am so ecited because with all the bugs kids bring home from school and cleaning after cutting up raw meat I wanted a deep clean. There's nothing like using some clorox after a kid has a ststomach bug. But I don't want to use the chemicals in my home and around my kiddos. Force of nature is chemical free deep cleaner that kills 99% of viruses (they've just been approved by the EPA to be used against Covid-19)! For the month of May you can use the code ALLERGYMONTH to save 40% off on bundles


We all know how much I love and talk about Rasa and what a difference having my daily adaptogens in the morning has made. I feel calmer, more level headed, better mental clarity, and I’m getting sick a heck of a lot less. I attribute a lot of that to Rasa. I drink the Cacao Rasa every morning with my collagen and a splash of milk. It’s delicious! Check them out here and use my code for 10% off TREEMAMAHERBALS

Wishgarden Herbs

Wishgarden herbs has a few different tinctures available that I recommend to all my postpartum clients. The After Ease tincture and the Happy Ducts tincture. The formula is amazing.

Mountain Rose Herbs

I am also an affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs. This is where I source nearly all of my bulk herbs. Their quality and customer service cannot be beat. If you've been loving my recipes and wanting to make them yourself check them out and order some really high quality dried bulk herbs.